Everyday happiness


Bullet Points

  • The Ego and Happiness
  • Keep Your Ego Under Control.
  • Obstacles to Happiness
  • Creating a Life That Supports Happiness
  • Creating a Mind That Supports Happiness


What could be more universal than the pursuit of happiness? Do you know anyone that opens their eyes in the morning and thinks, “I hope I have a miserable day”?

Everyone is striving in their own way to experience more happiness and less misery. There are a variety of ways that we attempt to accomplish this.

  • Money
  • Career success
  • Fitness
  • Social life
  • Accumulation of possessions
  • Spending time in nature
  • Volunteering
  • And more

But make no mistake about it, everyone is striving to be happy. Some people believe they’ll be happier if they amass a billion-dollar fortune. Others believe they’ll achieve happiness by sacrificing every dollar in their bank account for the needy.

There’s no one way to achieve happiness. Your pursuit of happiness is entirely dependent on your values and interpretation of the world……..

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