Develop a present moment mindset



It’s hard to find anywhere in the world that isn’t supporting the idea of a present moment or mindfulness mindset. A present moment mindset has been found useful in the treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. There are many benefits, both mental and physical, from living your life in a mindful manner. Mindfulness is a simple skill that can be learned by anyone.

Keeping your mind in the present avoids two negative emotions: regret and anxiety. If your mind is in the past, you’re likely to feel regret. Allow the past the die. There’s no reason to torture yourself.

Anxiety results from worrying about the future. If you’re not thinking about the future, you can’t worry about it.

There are many amazing things going on around you each day. You’re just too distracted by your thoughts to notice and appreciate them.

Adopting a present moment mindset will allow you to live your life to the fullest. You can appreciate the little things life has to offer. You’ll no longer be trapped living in your head. Reality is all around you.

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  • Advantages of a Present Moment Mindset
  • The Challenges of Developing a Present Moment Mindset
  • Developing a Present Moment Mindset
  • A Primer on Meditation
  • Practicing a Present Moment Mindset in Different Environments
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    • Out in the Real World


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