Self Mastery: Master these 10 habits and be the master of your world



  • Why Habits Are Important
  • Why Self-Mastery is Important
  • How to Create and Maintain Habits
  • All habits have three components
  • Strategies to Create Habits That Serve Your Purpose
  • Use these seven strategies to create habits that serve your purpose
  • How to Break a Bad Habit
  • Try this proven process to break a bad habit
  • 10 of the Best Habits to Master Yourself and Your World
  • This process will help you create and sustain a meditation habit
  • Use these ideas to create a reading habit that will serve you for the rest of your life
  • Learn From Your Mistakes
  • Leverage your mistakes and make the most of them
  • Maintain a Vision of the Future
  • Keep the future you desire clearly in mind
  • Eat Healthy and Exercise
  • Control Impulses
  • Use these strategies to control your impulses and stop sabotaging yourself
  • Listen
  • Try these techniques to develop effective listening skills
  • Create a To-Do List
  • Learn how to make an effective to-do list and get the most out of each day
  • Be a Finisher
  • Learn to finish what you start
  • Get Up Early


If you’re like most success-oriented people, you dream of gaining control over yourself and your life. That would be the ultimate accomplishment for many.

Habits are an important part of this process. Successes and failures are primarily the end result of habits.

Your habits will also determine the long-term results you achieve.

The things you do repeatedly matter. The way you handle stress and uncertainty matters. How you plan your day matters. There are many things that matter when you do them day after day over a long period of time.


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