Loving yourself



  • Your Physical Self
  • Looking After Your Body
  • Your Intellectual Self
  • Feeding Your Mind
  • Your Emotional Self: Understanding & Respecting Your Own Feelings
  • Your Spiritual Self: Caring for Your Soul


To love yourself means to wholly accept yourself just as you are. Loving yourself involves knowing that you deserve your own time, patience, and effort.

When you love yourself, you tend to yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Of course, all of these parts of you are interdependent. Therefore, although they can be addressed individually, you’ll find that you feel most loved when you attend to all of them.

In this book, you’ll find suggestions for how to care for yourself in all four of these areas of your life: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.


  • PDF Format
  • 35 pages Easy Read
  • A Path of Light Center Production